The only hiccup is the

It would have been nice if the China Heating Cable Company feature was built-in by the app.



For starters, unlike some smart lighting solutions from other brands, the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb does not need a smart hub or bridge to operate. This mode can be used to alert someone in the room for attention.Romantic evening: A pretty dim light with alternating colours between red, blue, pink, purple and in between. It features built-in Wi-Fi that connects directly to any smartphone and Wi-Fi router and operates via a simple feature-rich app.The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb does run warm, but it depends on the intensity at which it is being used. When at full intensity, it runs slightly hotter, but not as hot as conventional and similar rated bulbs. You won’t find anything cheaper in the market at this price point. The bulb will then be added to your account and on your Wi-Fi network. You can also choose between warm white and bright white in the app itself.Using the app to change colours and intensity is very simple too. If you own multiple bulbs, you can form them into a group and control them together too.

The only hiccup is the E27 base that adds the hassle of buying an adapter, which also increases the height of the bulb by a few cms. It would have been nice if the China Heating Cable Company feature was built-in by the app. While the crowdfunding price is around Rs 999, the final price would be anywhere between Rs 1,200 and Rs 1,500, but we are yet to see what Xiaomi will finally price it at. You can also set schedules to automatically turn on or off the bulb at specific time intervals. At every stage where you feel the colour and intensity is just right for you, simply hit the Heart icon on the top right of the screen and you can save the settings as a favourite. However, while we thought that this mode would flash when there is a notification or call on your phone, it does not do any of the same. Using the app, you can set timers, schedules, colours or plain white, set the intensity or use default scene modes such as:Sunrise: which simulates the sunrise early morning and the light gets brighter gradually in 15 minutes.Movie: Produces a light blue dim hue to have ambient lighting while watching movies in the room.Rating: When it comes to smart appliances, there are many brands that come to mind.